Full Service & Repairs

Full Service
& Repairs

A Midcounties Blacking full service is different from other Gunsmiths full services, as we also service the exterior of the gun.

Our craftsmen begin by a disassembling every part of the gun.

Then, each individual part is then inspected and cleaned in our in-house ultrasonic cleaning facility. If any part requires repair, we Tig weld and machine-to-fit the original specification or replace it.

Additionally, main springs are also pressure tested to ensure optimum performance when striking the cartridge. If they fail our strict testing criteria, we replace them.

The service also includes blacking of the action parts which can include trigger guard, bottom plate, safety catch and top lever. This enhances the overall visual look of the gun.

When the service has been completed, we ensure everything is working correctly by performing a thorough live test.

All full servicing, including any repairs undertaken, are warranted throughout your first shooting season.

A Midcounties Blacking full service is a great way to ensure your gun is kept in tip-top condition.

Our standard service has an expected turnaround time of between four and six weeks, however we understand you may already have pre-booked shooting dates and depending on our work load, for a small extra charge, we may be able to fast track your order by taking advantage of our five day turnaround service.  Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs beforehand.


All our staff are fully proficient and have a good working knowledge of our products, firearms and the sport.

Telephone: 01543 679 599


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