About Us

Midcounties Blacking Ltd is an established manufacturing company that has been in business for the past 5 years. The company specialises in light engineering and metal fabrication work, and especially offers a range of services to the UK firearms trade.

The company’s core area of business has mainly focused on the repair, rebuilding and reconditioning of all types of firearms and also the associated accessories and services that support this trade. Moreover, through continued innovation and development, the company has earned an excellent reputation within the trade for its specialist high quality blacking services, which it currently supplies to firearms manufacturers and retailers from all over the United Kingdom. These include GMK Ltd (the UK’s largest suppliers of Beretta, Sako and Tikka firearms to the trade), Highland Outdoors (celebrated retail suppliers of firearms and shooting equipment), and Webley and Scott (historic gun makers and suppliers of firearms to the trade). Currently, Midcounties Blacking Ltd has business accounts with approximately 37 major firearms companies nationwide.

In addition to the work within the firearms trade, the company also offers a range of specialist skills that enables the business to tender for and win contracts with a range of other areas of the engineering sector. An example of this is the redesign of industrial cleaning machines for Initial Cleaning Services Ltd, which is part of the globally renowned Rentokil Group. Through this work, Midcounties Blacking Ltd is currently working throughout the United Kingdom upgrading all machines to ensure that they are more robust and less prone to breakdown from the rigorous conditions under which they are operated.


All our staff are fully proficient and have a good working knowledge of our products, firearms and the sport.

Telephone: 01543 679 599

  • Darren Hartshorne
    Darren Hartshorne The Boss / Gunsmith
  • Tamsyn Hartshorne
    Tamsyn Hartshorne The Real Boss
  • Stefan Roe
    Stefan Roe Gunsmith
  • Ian Osell
    Ian Osell Sales Manager
  • Martin Price
    Martin Price Sales Agent
  • Dave
  • George Hartshorne
    George Hartshorne Woodworker

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