Action Tightening
& Re-jointing

Action Tightening & Re-jointing


If your gun is experiencing loose barrels on the action, maybe the top lever is going past its centre,  the face and barrels are misaligned and you can see daylight through between the face of the action and the face of the breach, then it’s likely your gun needs it’s action tightening.

Other symptoms include the gun opening after you’ve taken your first shot, this is caused by the bolt being worn to the point where it no longer touches the bite on the barrels (or “it’s bite” is worn).

If your forend is lose on the barrels and the joints rattles or the barrels when opened drop without resistance and generally feel loose when the gun is being opened or close, this is also another symptom of a gun that needs it’s action tightening.


Remedial Work

Every gun at some point or another will experience one or more of the symptoms above.

Our Action Tightening service involves the complete removal of all worn parts. They are then thoroughly inspected by our in-house craftsmen. Problem areas are then corrected using our specialist TIG welder to restore the action to its original factory state.

In order to ensure the perfect locking angle rather than use an off the shelf locking bolt, we choose to use your original bolt, build up the worn areas and then regrind to the optimum locking angle.

Our standard service has an expected turnaround time of between four and six weeks, however we understand you may already have pre-booked shooting dates and depending on our work load, for a small extra charge, we may be able to fast track your order by taking advantage of our while-you-wait service.  Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs beforehand.


All our staff are fully proficient and have a good working knowledge of our products, firearms and the sport.

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