Barrel & Furniture Blacking

Barrel & Furniture Blacking


If your gun has rust marks, scratches, dents or simply showing it’s age, the barrels and furniture can be re-blacked to bring the guns finish back to it’s former glory.

Remedial Work

After the barrels and furniture have been inspected by our in-house craftsmen, the process of re-blacking begins by removing the existing blacking by hand, and by using traditional methods including rubbing down with various grades of emery cloth and files. This is known as ‘Striking the Barrels’.

When the barrels and furniture are stripped back to the metal, all the imperfections are exposed enabling our craftsmen to identify and repair any dents (‘lifting the dents’), imperfection or rust pitting.

We provide a choice of different finishes :

Matte Finish

The matte finish is a glass bead finish that is black and non-reflective.

Factory Finish

The factory finish is a machined spun finish suitable for rifles, semi-automatic shotgun & air rifles.

Traditional Finish

A satin black finish often seen on most traditional shotguns.

High Gloss Finish

Custom and high-end shotguns and rifles can benefit from a classy high gloss black finish.

Our standard service has an expected turnaround time of between four and six weeks, however we understand you may already have pre-booked shooting dates and depending on our work load, for a small extra charge, we may be able to fast track your order by taking advantage of our while-you-wait service.  Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs beforehand.


All our staff are fully proficient and have a good working knowledge of our products, firearms and the sport.

Telephone: 01543 679 599


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